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I have been relatively quiet during this pregnancy. My original intention was to not only have a ‘mum’ or a freebie blog but also keep you updated during every part of my pregnancy. Luckily those who follow me on Twitter will have seen what I have been up to along with the odd freebie tweet so head over there and give the @eastmum account a follow!

Now that I am 31 weeks and on the home stretch I am feeling more human (albeit very achy) and have gone into overdrive in regards to my nesting syndrome. The problem is that in our household, as the case is with many, we have the urge to nest but not necessarily the funds to do so. Towards the end of the summer East dad was in search of work (something which he was eventually successful) and I began to look at ways to frugally gather everything we needed. This is where this year’s obsession with FREEBIES began. I say this year as in the past I may have sent off for coupons or samples and enjoyed the little adrenaline rush I got when they arrived through the front door; it’s just that this time I am taking it seriously.

Below I am going to list every freebie I have found/ received over the past three weeks and where they were sourced from. I began recording everything I found as a way of spurring myself on and also so that I could calculate how much money I have saved, so I will also attempt to calculate this as we go along. I will not be counting the cost of small samples.

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Week beginning – 17th September 2018

I had been collecting freebies a little while before this point but with my baby brain I have absolutely no way of remembering what they were! This was the week that I decided to record what I was doing and saw the real benefit from it…

Face cream sample – Being the genius that I am I didn’t record where this was from!
Elemis beauty samples x 2 – Facebook advertisement sign up.
Caudalie beauty samples – These were great and again were from a Facebook form.
Moses basketFacebook marketplace. Yes, yes, I know many people gross out at the idea of having a secondhand moses basket, this one however was in pristine condition (and will be anti-baced to within an inch of it’s life) and is going to be the spare at my mother’s house. This particular basket was from Mama’s and Papa’s with similar ones retailing for approx £50.00
Wildflower seeds – Kew Gardens website via Latestfreestuff.com
This website along with WOWfreestuff.co.uk send out a daily email update with new samples and competitions from brands, most of which require you to sign up to a mailing list and receive your sample within a few weeks. When sending away for these seeds I expected a pack or two to come through the post, what I actually received were 3 small boxes containing about 4 packets each along with activities and kits for children. I was able to give one away as a gift and keep some for our garden for next summer!
Radiator coverFacebook Marketplace. When I saw this go up on marketplace and it matched the décor in the nursery I knew I had to have it. Now I have no fear about little one crawling and getting too close to the radiator, plus I have somewhere to put my coffee in the morning whilst I’m breastfeeding. Similar covers retail for around £35.00

Savings at the end of week 1: £85.00



Week beginning 24th September 2018

500ml Dettol antibacterial spray – via a manufacturing coupon. This one was a trick straight out of Extreme Couponing. In one of my many mum to be packs I received a bunch of Dettol coupons. This particular item was reduced to £1 which was the same amount as my coupon, making it free. (£1)
Two garden rakes and a hoe – Facebook Marketplace.
This might seem like a bit of a weird one but we have a massive garden that I am currently unable to tend to without falling over on the way down. I’d also managed to break one of my mother’s rakes over the summer so the spare one went to her. Accumatively these items would have come to about £20.00. I also got the enjoyment of knocking on a stranger’s door and saying “i’m here for the hoe,” with a perfectly straight look on my face.
Baby changing mat – Facebook Marketplace.  This is another item to be used as a spare at my parent’s house which would retail at around £10.00.
Tummy time play mat and a bag of baby girls’ clothes new with tags – Facebook Marketplace. I really couldn’t believe my luck with this one. The person in question was going to throw the clothes out had I not taken them and with everything in there they easily would have added up to about £50.00. The Tummy time mat by Bright Stars still retails online for £9.99.
HP 3 in 1 Printer – Facebook Marketplace. For a friend who was in need of one, normally retailing at around £25.00.
Purina dog chews, Cheesestrings snack mix and Weight Watchers bread – Shopmium. Shopmium is a really useful app that gives you cash back on a variety of different items you can find at the supermarket. These items cost me £2.99 in total and after taking a picture of my receipt in the app I was refunded the full amount that afternoon via PayPal.

Savings at the end of Week 2: £118.98


Week beginning 1st October 2018

Baby toys – Facebook Marketplace. On this trip I actually ended up making a purchase and leaving with an immaculate high chair for £5 as well! After checking the price of the toys I collected online their total would have come to £44.95.
Dosing device – Supersavvyme. Supersavvyme is a website that I regularly visit to print off coupons for P&G products. Occasionally they will post a freebie on there too.
Men’s Diesel fragrance sample – Boots sign up form
Primula cheese – Shopmium app. £1.50.
Olay daily facials – Supersavvyme. This freebie was sent out via Savvy Circle, a group that you can sign up to and be selected to review products and introduce them to your friends. It includes a full box of the product, a welcome pack and 10 £1 off vouchers to hand out to your friends and family. Full price these would have cost me £6.99 and they have been a great help with my spotty pregnancy skin!
Toy drawer storage – Facebook Marketplace. Similar items fetch around £30.00 on Amazon.
MicroScalextric pro rally set – Facebook Marketplace. Ok this was wasn’t really necessary but I’ve always wanted one and decided to treat myself! I can’t find the one I have for sale anywhere on the internet however similar sets are fetching anywhere between £30.00- £130.00 so I will value it at £50.00 to be safe.

Savings at the end of Week 3: £133.44

This means that my total savings at the end of the 3 weeks is:



Not bad really for a few hours input each day! Of course everything that I have collected was not really a necessity however I will also be writing a post on the savings I have made sourcing baby items for cheaper than face value. I see freebie collecting as a nice side endeavour and is something that I can karmically do in return by offering items for free on Facebook Marketplace before I take them down to the Charity Shop.

Are you a fellow blogger who has been doing something similar, or would you simply like some advice? Be sure to follow me on Twitter so we can chat!

All my love,

East Coast Mum


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