9 Reasons why your 30s beat being in your 20s.

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You can completely let go of your appearance and demeanor and no one really cares.
Teenagers nowadays are better at applying makeup than most adults. I personally have decided to concede defeat and let them take the helm.

Staying in just because you want to is a perfectly valid reason.
The expectation is no longer there for you to be a social butterfly every waking moment. Why’s that? Because everyone else is chilling out on the sofa in their pants too.

By now you have probably become a better cook, if not you haven’t got to ask anyone permission to order take out.
Being an adult is having the magical choice of having cake for breakfast should you want to. Being over 30 means that you have that choice but now know better than to do so.

You’ve realised that you need to take better care of your body therefore you are possibly the healthiest you’ve ever been.
Binging on fast food will leave you with achy joints and a night on the town will leave you with a 3 day hangover that just isn’t worth it anymore.

You find joy in what you previously regarded mundane:
For example; gardening becomes a favourite pastime and you’ll probably be pleased when it rains because ‘the garden needs it’.

Homeware and home decor have replaced the whimsical urban outfitters items you wasted your money on in your twenties.
Hip flasks have been swapped for pampas grass.

It is likely that you already made some huge mistakes during your 20s which you’ve now learnt from.
Or you’ve been emotionally scared to the point you don’t go outside again to repeat them. Either way it’s progress.

You therefore have 30 years of life lessons behind you
i.e. learning to drive is important and never to try household plumbing yourself.

You’ve settled on the one hair style that you’ll probably now have for the rest of your life.
That’s one less contribution to decision fatigue.

So the next time you are feeling like your life is over, remember you’ve only just reached the best part.

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