7 Things to Help You Through Early Pregnancy

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Ok, so it has taken me a while to start typing this post as I am now in my second trimester and a large proportion of my life is led by my stomach, meaning I may or may not have found myself lost down an oatcake and hummus hole. Taking advantage of this breathing opportunity I thought I would list for you my personal top 7 Things to Help You Through Pregnancy. My intention was to write on this blog right from the beginning of my pregnancy, however as I was to discover; the first trimester sucks. Now it may not suck for everyone, and I sincerely envy you if yours was relatively easy, sadly mine was only what I could describe as demonic. I would spend every morning in tears searching Google for articles on how to get through the day hoping that I would find some sort of epiphany written by some past pregnant goddess. This was not the case. What you will find are a lot of the same articles telling you to; eat ginger biscuits, do yoga, rest when you can and drink lots of water. Whilst this is legitimate advice to help you in these early stages of pregnancy, they did very little to improve my day to day life. Please take a look at what helped me and be sure to leave any suggestions you have in the comments!

1. Soft Drinks

You will drink A LOT of squash (if you are British ofc) if not you may just drink a hell of a lot of water but either way I guarantee you that after half a day or so of this, you are going to want to puke. You probably will and it will come out of your nose. I found out too late that as soon as you find out that you are pregnant you need to begin stockpiling every non alcoholic, de-caffeinated beverage that there is on the market. If you don’t you’ll be left with one of those squishy swooshy water bellies that shifts every time you do. Pro tip – raspberry lemonade is the BOMB.

2. Self Care

Getting up in the morning is hard. I scoured the internet for different ways to deter myself from sobbing and crawling upstairs back into my bed in the morning. I have listened to motivational videos, TED talks, stared at something blue for 10 seconds and told myself that it was going to be okay (this is legitimately something I found), but my body and my brain wasn’t having it. In the end I settled for having a Radox Lavender bath every morning without fail with my morning coffee and allocated phone browsing time. This enabled me to get through most of those first months without having a complete breakdown, though of course you need to listen to your own body and if it’s telling you to slow down and take some time for yourself then do that, there is no shame in it.

3. Sleep

Before I fell pregnant I would never have dreamed of going to bed at 7.30pm, now I jump at the chance! Actually when I can I easily spend half of my day asleep letting this little baby grow. Naps are your best friend so be sure to take a pillow wherever you go and a fluffy throw to snuggle under. Your midwife will do a blood test at the beginning of your pregnancy to ensure that everything is as it should be, so if it is; nap away!

4. A Pregnancy Pillow

…If you can get comfortable that is. Most websites advise that you buy a pregnancy pillow some time in your second trimester when you belly begins to obstruct your nights sleep. I can wholeheartedly say that you will need one of these from the get go. Last night I slept with a pillow wedged under my left side and a Simba teddy to roll onto on the right which was not advisable. Most high street stores put an extortionate price on these pillows but you can grab one for a decent amount on Amazon.

5. The Right Clothes

Your boobs are going to grow; quicker than you think. If you are anything like me so will your butt. Buy bigger pants and non underwired bras now. Put your non elasticated clothing in the loft, you wont be needing it for a while. Some of you may be lucky as to get to 20 weeks before you have to size up but I would still suggest getting what you need now incase you are like me and get a penchant for cheese and ham toasties.

6. Handy Reminders

Baby brain is so much fun said absolutely no-one ever. You will physically feel yourself becoming more forgetful and your brain cells float out of your ears. Pro-tips – your car key will not unlock the front door, the milk doesn’t live in the cupboard and undressing half way down the stairs is ill advised. Try to safeguard against your clumsy pregnant brain as much as possible by setting reminders and getting everything ready for the next day the night before. If it’s that bad also make sure you get other people to drive you places. Be the queen you should be.

7. Fibre

Constipation is real. Severe gas pains are real. Pooping once a week will become a way of life and your farts may have the capability of killing wildlife. It took me WAY too long to find out that Sultana Bran is my saviour. If you find yourself suffering get yourself to the store and buy some, it works wonders.


Good luck and may your poop flow free,


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